Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase tickets?

Tickets are available:

  • Online - Click here to purchase tickets.

  • By Phone - Call 888-952-4806 Monday through Friday 9AM - 6PM EST (Excluding Holidays)

  • In Person - The Box Office opens one hour before showtime and is located on the north side of the facility at the east end of the Main Lobby.

Is It reserved seating?

  • Yes, all seats are reserved.

  • LATE SEATING - In deference to the artists and the audience, latecomers will be seated at the discretion of the house staff at an appropriate pause in the program. Also, those who leave the performance may not be re-admitted until an appropriate break or at intermission.

May I photograph or videotape the performance?

  • We do not allow cameras, camera phones or recording devices of any kind in the Auditorium. The flashes from the camera, as well as, lights on the devices are distracting and can be dangerous for the performers and live animals participating in the production. Music licensing requirements make recording the performance an illegal act. DVDs of previous performances are available through our online store or at the show from the Merchandise Area.

How long is the program?

  • The production runs 2 1/2 hours with an intermission. 

Is the AUDITORIUM wheelchair accessible?

  • The facility is handicap accessible, and the main level of the auditorium has street level access from the Main Lobby. Please call the ticket office before your visit for information regarding seating and the best locations for drop off. Please note, the balcony and loge seating areas are not accessible by wheelchair.

Do I need to purchase a ticket for my child?

  • Everyone in attendance must have a ticket for entry; this includes both adults and children. There is no special pricing for children. Please note, we will NOT admit children under the age of 4 due to the length and activity of the production.

How should I choose a seat?

  • The auditorium Seating Chart and Virtual Tour will allow you to see views of the stage from different parts of the auditorium.

  • Many repeat attendees prefer seats that are several rows back from the stage because much of the action happens across the full width of the area. Also, positions that are just to the right or left of center are preferred. Mezzanine seats in the front portion of the balcony offer an excellent view. The loge areas are terraced for unobstructed viewing. The balcony seats to the far left and far right in the upper rows provide the best views. This venue was built with the Christmas Pageant in mind and offers excellent viewing of the production from all areas.

Can I get a refund or exchange my ticket?

  • We do not offer any refunds or exchanges. If you are unable to use your ticket(s) for some reason, we suggest that you find someone who can use your tickets or donate them back. Donated tickets can be turned in at the Pageant Box Office.

What happens if I lose my tickets or they get lost in the mail?

  • Tickets may be reprinted and mailed, if time permits, or picked up at our Pageant Box Office.

  • To report your tickets lost, please contact the office at (954) 831-1123.

What if I want to bring a group?

  • Our Group Representative is available to help you plan your visit with your group of 10 or more. Call 954-831-1123 to speak with our Group Representative.

Is there a nursery or childcare available?

  • We do not provide childcare services for the Pageant performances.  

  • Please note, we will NOT admit children under the age of 4 due to the length and activity of the production.

Is there a discount available for senior citizens?

  • We currently do not offer a discount for senior citizens.